(ENG) These are our vision, mission and values statements.



Sets out what we want to be

Eva products in every Tissue Engineering Lab

Eva technologies in every Tissue-based Medical Device



Sets out how we are going to achieve this

Everyone at Eva Scientific is committed to consistently delivering quality and innovative work, to and surpassing his or her own expectations, mindful of the vision and values of the company.



These set out what we collectively believe in and guide our behaviors

Be a pilot

a pilot has a sense of direction and destination, and the means available to him to get there and solutions at hand for unforeseen and unwanted events, that are dealt with promptly (without hesitation) and fearlessly. We apply this mindset to all activities and roles in the business.


Any activity has the potential of going through rounds of maximization, where the useful output can be made greater by intelligent changes and we strive by this principle.


Success does not come overnight, but instead as a Result of a gradual progression. A small but well documented change or observation, in quantitative, semi-quantitative or qualitative terms, can be crucial in later breakthrough developments. and in today's fast-paced World, we have to be consistent


The same way want our customers to be loyal to us, we ought to be loyal to a set Of key partners and suppliers, to foster healthy and solid relationships. In parallel with our healthiest, most solid and loyal relationships, we maintain relations with supporting parties that can step in when necessary.


We quickly establish relationships of trust internally and externally to the organization. The trust entrusted on the other party, is reflected back, benefiting both parties.

Synergy by right composition

With the right teams and the right partnerships, the combined effect is truly greater than the sum of the elements.

Trust your instincts

As with trust in general, we trust our instincts, and when faced with challenges, strive to make the best decision possible and “get the job done” with minimal intervention from superiors.


Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships. Paraphrasing Michael Jordan: We can do much on our own, but that individual contribution becomes all the more powerful if as part of a coordinated effort.


We provide outstanding products and service that, together, give our customers a premier experience.


By adhering to the above company values, we make a commitment to the company’s future, and the future of those it affects directly and indirectly. It is our obligation to take that commitment seriously, and be vigilant and disciplined in our attitude to follow through.


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